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Singletude is a positive, supportive singles blog about life choices for the new single majority. It's about dating and relationships, yes, but it's also about the other 90% of your life--family, friends, career, hobbies--and flying solo and sane in this crazy, coupled world. Singletude isn't about denying loneliness. It's about realizing that whether you're single by choice or by circumstance, this single life is your life to live.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Singletude Giveaway Contest Ends Tomorrow

Today is your last chance to enter the Singletude giveaway contest! The prize is a gift basket from worth over $150, so don't miss your opportunity to score these goodies. The lucky winner will be selected in a random drawing tomorrow at noon, so all entries must be in before then.

"Singles in the News" may be delayed this week again. On top of my previously mentioned health issue, I've also now been hit with a nasty flu or virus! The universe has not been my friend this month! Stop back later today, tomorrow (when the contest winner is announced), and Wednesday, though. "Singles in the News" should be up by then if not sooner. There was a lot of great coverage last week since it was National Singles Week!


Hayley said...

This is a cool concept - singles should be happy with their status, it's not like anyone has to be in a relationship just to be happy.

The Singlutionary said...

I hope you feel better fast!

Clever Elsie said...

Hayley: Welcome to Singletude, and thanks for the positive feedback!

Singlutionary: Thanks, dear! At least the flu-y/virus-y thingy is on its last legs!