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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Singles in the News: 9/6/09-9/12/09

Since Singletude did not run a "Singles in the News" column last week, here are a few highlights that you may have missed. Since we're playing catch-up, no Singles With Singletude or Singleschmucker titles will be given this time, just links to some stories that shouldn't go unread.


"Single Mom Follows Her Own Dating Rules"
By Aisha Sultan
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Summary: Belying its title, this interview is less about dating than about one single mom's journey to acceptance and enjoyment of her singleness. The challenges of single parenting are also discussed (hint: a tight group of friends helps big time). Says interview subject Alison Fox, "Now, it's been five years, and I realize that it's so much better to be happy and on my own. It makes me a better person, a better mother and a better friend."


"Program Seeks Mentors to Assist London's Single Moms"
By Kathy Rumleski
The London Free Press
Summary: Canada's nonprofit Single Women in Motherhood (SWIM) introduces a mentoring program that will pair young single moms with older women who have already walked the path of single parenthood.

"Young Single Adults Less Likely Than Teens to Use Condoms"
By Mike Barber
The Calgary Herald
Summary: With age comes wisdom...or complacency. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality has published a worrisome report stating that Canadian teens are more responsible in the bedroom than single adults! Condom use declined by over 30 percentage points between the ages of 15 and 34. The researchers speculate that serial monogamy may lull long-term singles into a false sense of security.


"Cougar Pride"
By Sarah Boesveld
The Globe and Mail
Summary: Most stories about the cougar phenomenon are sensationalistic, thinly disguised advertisements for this or that speed dating event or niche dating site. This one is an actual piece of journalism, attempting an unbiased probe into the culture of the cougar that includes popular misconceptions, interpretations from women on both sides of the fence, and predictions for the future of the sugar mamas.


" Dating Site Kick-off Party Is Improv Matchmaking Event at IO for Singles"
Summary: Yeah, yeah, it's another online dating site. But the twist is that it's an "ageless-timeless" zone in which you don't have to share your DOB (though you must be at least 21). It's also a worldwide site, so you're not restricted to the borders of your zip code. Even better, this site isn't for those who want to email endlessly. Webcam chatting and guided singles vacations are what it's all about at TribeofSingles. Hmmm...So you're flying around the world to share a hotel with someone of unknown age from a foreign country. Sounds like this site is poised to become a tribe of cheaters to me. But, hey, it's not my place to tell you how you should use it!


"Extend Antyodaya Scheme Benefits to Single Women: CPI(M)"
The Hindu
Summary: At the All India Women's Democratic Association conference, single and separated women were urged to petition for the same welfare benefits that widows receive.

"Single-hearted: While All Are Welcome, Church Caters to Single Adults"
By Renee Skalij
The Sun Herald
Summary: Breaking tradition with the matrimaniacal religious right, a single pastor at a Nazarene church in Mississippi says that he wants to be more inclusive of singles.

Do you have thoughts on any of the stories above? (When commenting, please reference the title of the article.)

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Shiri said...

I really like the idea of a church that caters to singles. That is so rare. The church is so family oriented that it makes singles feel very out of place. The church I grew up in was like that--and then they wondered why they didn't have many singles in their church body.

Most of us, when we became young adults, simply stopped going. There was nothing at our church that catered to twenty-somethings. There was something for kids, something for teens, and something for adults (who were mostly older adults) but nothing for young adults.

I'd like to go to church again someday, but I just don't like how a lot of churchgoers look down on you if you're single and childfree. If more congregations like this one popped up, I could see myself getting out of bed on Sundays.

And yes, I know I should go to church for God and not for what others think, but I also feel that God isn't limited to just a church. You can talk to Him wherever, whenever. Like a 24-hour hotline, but better, IMO.

Clever Elsie said...

Shiri: I'm right there with you on this. I left my own church body when I was 21, and the lack of activities for singles was one of the motivating factors. There hardly even were any singles, so I guess it's understandable that there wasn't anything organized around them, but I definitely felt out of place. All the messages were directed at families, and most of the events centered on couples with children. There is tremendous disrespect for singles in church environments, which is amazing when you consider that Paul and even Jesus were single.

Someone should start a church just for singles, hah! Oh, and I completely agree that churches do not have a monopoly on God!