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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Win a Gift Basket from A Singletude Contest

Hear ye, hear ye! The first ever Singletude giveaway contest begins today! In partnership with, Singletude is offering a singles gift basket valued at over $150! This assortment of fab items for on-the-go singles includes:

1. GO SMiLE Go Travel Kit
(GO SMiLE products also available at Amazon)

Everyone wants bright-white pearlies to flash, especially at sexy summer hot spots. But who can remember to pack whitening strips or gel trays? I know I'm lucky if I can find room for my toothbrush! More importantly, who has time to sit around a hotel room chomping on what looks and feels like a great big horse bit? GO SMiLE eliminates the waiting around and lets you get out and about so you can enjoy your vacation. All you have to do is squeeze the contents of an ampoule onto your teeth and brush! No mess, no hassle, and GO SMiLE says it's completely pain-free for sensitive teeth. This GO SMiLE Go Travel kit makes it more convenient than ever to keep your smile sparkling no matter where you go. The compact travel case with buckle and zipper includes:

*Mint-licious, Peach-licious, & Pear-licious Touch Ups (6 Ampoules)
--Six deliciously flavored ampoules to discreetly and quickly apply after a morning coffee or afternoon tea.
--A minty-fresh mouth rinse that contains antioxidants for a healthy mouth as well as fluoride and CPC to wash away bad breath and the threat of cavities and gingivitis.
*Lemonade Smile Toothpaste
--A fluoride toothpaste that whitens teeth as it relaxes with aromatherapy oils.
*Travel Toothbrush
--Small enough to carry with you anywhere for fast touch-ups.
*Compact with Mirror
--You don't have to ask your dinner companion if there's anything in your teeth when you have this compact at your side.

(B1 Whitening System not included but fits in travel case.)

2. Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach
(Also available at Amazon)

For every online dating success story, it seems there's a web site full of grumblers ranting about the evils of eHarmony and Match. Here's a thought: maybe success is all in your attitude...okay, and your technique. Burbach, who met her husband online, will help you get both back on track. Look out for Singletude's review of this book next week!

(Book provided by Cherie Burbach.)

3. Revolution Variety Tea Samplers (2 Samplers)
(Revolution Tea also available at Amazon)

There's no time like the summer to kick back with a glass of iced tea. Or wait till fall blusters in and nurse a hot cup while wrapped in your favorite blanket. Whether you're an Earl Grey traditionalist or an organic devotee, if you're a tea lover, you'll find your favorite blend at Revolution. Many of their products are singles-friendly, perfect for one serving. Each sampler pack contains five single-serving flow-through infusers. (Say that five times fast!) The rainbow of flavors includes Earl Grey Lavender Tea, Tropical Green Tea, Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea, Sweet Ginger Peach Tea, and English Breakfast Tea.

4. Table Topics Dating Topics To Go
(Also available at Amazon)
Looking for a fun way to lessen the awkward factor on a first date? Introduce your date to this pack of 40 icebreaking questions and learn something you never thought to ask. Or, if card games aren't your style, use them at home to prep for the big night, then wow your date with your brilliant conversational starters.

"What's the most unusual thing you know how to do?"
"Where is your dream home located and what does it look like?"
"Who are your closest friends and what do you most enjoy about them?"
"How would your last girlfriend or boyfriend describe you?" (There's a loaded question!)

5. Intimate Wipes

This blog's PG-13 content policy prevents me from revealing the brand name of these--hee hee--post-coital quick pick-me-ups. These nonalcoholic, hypoallergenic moisturizing wipes contain aloe and vitamin E to keep sensitive areas soft and smooth even as they swab away stickiness. For use in all the conventional locales (on the road, on a plane, at the beach, in bed), as well as some you may want to think twice about, as the package illustrates!

6. Babeland Babelight

It's a keychain! It's a flashlight! It's a...vibrator? Yes, indeed, this versatile gadget does it all when you're dancing in the dark. It's also the perfect size to slip into a travel bag. This blog doesn't link to adult sites, but if you found your way here, you should be able to make it to Babeland without a problem if you want to buy one for yourself.

(Does not include AAA battery.)

7. Naked Winery Merlot or Chardonnay Coupon (1 Coupon)

Cap your next evening out by inviting a date or some friends back to your place to get Naked--Naked wines, that is. Based in the Pacific Northwest's wine country "Fruit Loop," Naked Winery will sweeten your night life with a FREE bottle of your choice of merlot or chardonnay when you order online with this coupon. Naked Winery describes its merlot as "aging in both French and American oak barrels integrated smoothly with its plum and earthy cherry flavors," while the chardonnay is said to have "a soft butterscotch finish" with "notes of pear and melon...accented by some caramel and toasted coconut aromas." Mmmm, a feast for the senses!

8. Fruit2Day 2-pack Coupons (2 Coupons)

Fruit2day fruit snacks defy definition, combining the best of both worlds--juice and whole fruit. I should know--I've tried them. Available in Strawberry Orange, Mango Peach, Pineapple Banana, and Cherry Grape, they bear no resemblance to either smoothies or pulpy breakfast drinks. Instead, they are pure, smooth fruit juice servings overflowing with chunks of fresh fruit. Yep, chunks. Not those annoying shredded pieces in OJ that get stuck between your teeth. Not those grainy bits of V8 that leave a weird residue on the inside of your cup. Imagine dicing up a peach or strawberry, then squeezing its juice over the slices. Now you get the idea! These healthy fruit juice snacks contain just 110-120 calories each but pack two servings of fruit per drink. Their convenient hourglass shape makes it a snap to gauge how many servings you've had. If you're busy--and who isn't?--it's hard to find time to eat five to nine servings of fruit, but if you drink one Fruit2day on your way to work, one at lunch, and one at home, you're all set for the day. Each of these coupons entitles you to a FREE two-pack of Fruit2day!

I have to confess that I was tempted to keep this gift basket for myself, but I really want to reward my loyal Singletude readers. I just wish there were enough baskets for all five of you! Just kidding. I check Singletude's traffic stats and see that there are a lot more of you following along than want to make yourselves known in the comments section! Now is your chance to step out of the woodwork and be recognized for reading faithfully!

To enter the Singletude contest for a chance to win the Single Edition gift basket, worth over $150, you can do any of the following:

1. Write about the Singletude contest on your blog, web site, or social networking profile and link to this post with the text "Singletude giveaway contest."

2. Add Singletude: A Positive Blog for Singles to your permanent blogroll or link page.

3. Write about any Singletude blog post that you like on your own blog, web site, or social networking profile, linking back to the post with its title in the link text.

4. Submit any three Singletude posts that you like to your favorite social bookmarking site(s).

5. Submit a rant or rave about the single life that you would like to see appear on Singletude. Your rant or rave of approximately 300-1,500 words can be about any aspect of the single life and can take any tone (eg., humorous, nostalgic, inspirational, sarcastic, etc.), but it should be an original piece of writing that has not appeared elsewhere. All rants and raves will be considered for future publication in "Singletude Sound-off," regardless of the contest winner. Singletude reserves the right to edit submissions before publication.

6. Submit a question that you would like to see answered on Singletude. Questions can be about any aspect of the single life but must be suitable for a general audience. If the question is personal, sufficient background to answer the question should be provided. All questions will be considered for future publication in "Singletude Q&A," regardless of the contest winner. Singletude reserves the right to edit questions before publication.

There is no limit to how many times you can enter the contest. You may enter as many times as you want, in as many ways as you want.

Next, tell Singletude that you entered the contest! Send an email with the subject line "I entered the Singletude contest," point Singletude to your linkback (if relevant), and include your name, city and state, and email address. Submissions to "Singletude Sound-off" or "Singletude Q&A" obviously do not need linkbacks but must still include name, city and state, and email address in order to be entered in the contest. Any Sound-offs or Q&As published on Singletude will not include personally identifying information unless approval is given by the author.

Singletude regrets that links from sites promoting adult, illegal, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content cannot be accepted as entries.

The winner of the giveaway will be drawn at random on 9/28/09. That means you have exactly 60 days to enter the contest, so enter right away!

Singletude will contact the winner at the email address provided to request the winner's shipping address. If the winner does not respond to claim the prize within 10 days, he or she will forfeit the prize, and another winner will be randomly drawn. Once the winner has claimed the prize, the winner's name, city, and state will be announced on Singletude.

Remember, you have just 60 days to enter the Singletude giveaway contest for your chance to win $150 in prizes for active, fun-loving singles, so enter now!

Do you have a question for Clever Elsie about some aspect of the single life? Have a rant or rave about singlehood? Write in, and you just might see your question in a "Singletude Q&A" or your rant or rave in a "Singletude Sound-off"!


Anonymous said...

hmm sounds like quite a contest Elsie! If I were to win, could I give my basket to you instead?

Not that I expect to win, but just to participate :)

bobbyboy (too lazy to log in to blogger) lol

Clever Elsie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clever Elsie said...

Bobby (or maybe I should say "Lazyboy" :P): If you won, I guess you'd be free to give the basket to anyone you want, even lil ole me. But don't forget to email me that you want to enter first! ;)

Edited to correct a grammatical mistake in the first comment because I'm neurotic like that.

Special K said...

Can I just have the wine coupon? The best prize in the world would be a meal at a big table with all of ya! I would LOVE your company! Want to come to Germany to visit once I settle there in two months?

Clever Elsie said...

Special K: Are you kidding? OF COURSE I want to come to Germany! Think of all the fun we could have making schnitzel with noodles! :D We could make it the First Annual Single Bloggers Convention! :)

If you enter and win the giveaway, the whole gift basket is yours, but you can do whatever you want with its contents--re-gift them, give them away for your own blog contests, use them as kindling...