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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Hard Facts About Singles

First off, my apologies that Singletude was silent yesterday. I've been having unexplained Internet connectivity problems intermittently for a few weeks now. If you'd like to ensure that you're informed when a new blog is posted, please subscribe to the RSS feed.

To kick off
Singletude's inaugural blog, I thought it would be appropriate to consider the hard facts about singlehood in the U.S. No editorializing, no opining. Just a presentation of the statistics that shape single life in this country:

--Total U.S. population, 15 years and older: 239 million1
--Number of American singles*: 118 million1
--Percentage of Americans single: 50%1

--Total U.S. households: 112 million
--Number of single-headed U.S. households: 56 million1
--Percentage of U.S. households single-headed: 50%1
--Number of households headed by singles living alone: 30 million1
--Percentage of households headed by singles living alone: 27%1

--Percentage of U.S. population never married: 31%
--Percentage divorced or separated: 13%1
--Percentage widowed: 6%1

--Percentage of single adults over 65 years: 16%
--Percentage of single adults 18-65 years: 84%2

--Median age of males at first marriage: 27
--Median age of females at first marriage: 253

--Ratio of single males to single females: 86/1002

--Percentage of singles in a committed relationship: 26%4
--Percentage of uncommitted singles actively seeking a partner: 16%4
--Percentage of uncommitted singles not actively seeking a partner: 55%4

--Percentage of U.S. population with bachelor's degree, 25 years and older: 27%1
--Percentage of single population with bachelor's degree: 23%2

--Percentage of U.S. workforce comprised of singles: 44%5
--Percentage less earned income of singles: 20-25%6,7,8

--Percentage of Americans uninsured under age 65: 17%
--Percentage of uninsured single: 60%9

--Percentage of homebuyers single: 40%8

--Percentage of congressmen married: 85%

Okay, I know you're waiting for me to sneak in a few editorial comments between the links, but I'm a woman of my word. There'll be no waxing pedantic here...That's for tomorrow. :)

*For our purposes, "single" is considered synonymous with "unmarried." However, Singletude acknowledges that a substantial portion of unmarried people do not consider themselves single because they are involved in long-term relationships.


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