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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Singelringen's SinglePower Celebrity Contest

So, do you all remember the Singelringen? That pricey turquoise ring that announces your eligibility to those in the know and your lack of fashion sense to everyone else? (Okay, that's probably a bit harsh. It's attractive for a piece of blue acrylic.)

Well, their PR rep, Linda Sherman, recently informed me that Singelringen is sponsoring the SinglePower Celebrity Contest for the world's coolest celebrity singles, who will be crowned Mr. and Miss SinglePower. Out of 10 nominees of each sex, American actress Drew Barrymore is currently leading the pack for the women, while Germany's hip hop maven Crosijan heads up the field for the men.

Ho hum, right? I agree. But here's the interesting twist: You can vote for any non-celebrity single, including yourself, as a "wild card." According to Sherman, your nominee should be "attractive, proud, strong in a way that makes other people feel appreciated and also a good role model for other singles." The two wild cards who accumulate the most votes will be added to the final running along with the celebrity nominees.

When you vote, you will be entered to win a trip to Sweden, where you will stay in the famed ICEHOTEL, a seasonal world wonder constructed entirely of ice. Singelringen must know that you don't need a significant other to light your fire; cold hands will just as easily stoke a warm heart!

News of the SinglePower competition jump-started my own musings about what makes a single person "cool." In my mind, a cool single is someone who is comfortable with him- or herself and enjoys life to the fullest, whether or not he or she has a romantic partner. He or she isn't afraid to venture out alone and doesn't postpone his or her dreams until marriage. Cool singles are those who may live by themselves but are never really alone, maintaining close networks of family and friends. They know who they are, and when they do couple up, they don't disappear into the relationship or sacrifice their unique spirits for the sake of unity. Most of all, they realize that being single isn't some kind of disease but a normal, often transitional state in which they may find themselves many times throughout the course of life.

What makes a single person cool in your book? Who would you nominate for Mr. or Miss SinglePower? (This is your chance to give the singles in your life some recognition!)

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bobbyboy said...

What makes a single person cool in your book? Who would you nominate for Mr. or Miss SinglePower? (This is your chance to give the singles in your life some recognition!)

I think you summed up my opinion about what makes singles cool. As to nominating for Mr. or Miss SinglePower? Why that's an easy one; Miss Singletude herself, Elsie :)

Clever Elsie said...

Me? Aww, shucks, I'm blushing! :)

Anonymous said...

Why do they always start the list of attributes with "attractive"? Even in eighteenth century novels the heroine or hero (particularly hero)'s personal appearance is always the first thing in the list. (I won't even TALK about fairy tales. . . ) But nonetheless, I'm gonna go check me out an ice hotel! = )

Clever Elsie said...

CC: Hah! I know what you mean. I remember that rubbed me the wrong way a little when I read it, too. But then I remembered that "attractive" can refer to how one is on the inside, not just the outside. I hope that's what they meant and that it won't stop anyone from nominating a single who's not traditionally beautiful!