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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Top Singles Hangouts

According to Yahoo! Tech writer Gina Hughes, you can check out more than the specs on a MacBook Air at the Apple store. Based on a Cosmopolitan article, "The Best Places to Meet a Guy," Hughes recommends Apple as the best place to go trolling for single men. Hughes' second pick off the Cosmo list is the Fortune 500 company since 22% of matches are made in hell--err, work.

other ideas include gyms, sports bars, political rallies, rock-climbing facilities, team sports leagues, college coffeehouses (if you like 'em young), and steakhouses(?), among other hot spots. (I still think you'll have a tough time picking out single men among the couples and families in a steakhouse, though.)

But what about the ladies? Where do single women hang?

Of course, I'm not privy to Cosmo's scientific research methodology, but here's an informal list based on where you can find my single female friends and I on a Saturday night:

1. Starbucks
Sad but true. The ubiquitous coffee chain is still the most convenient spot for a girl date. The coffee's sweet, the music isn't overpowering, and there are lots of other gorgeous young singles standing out against the banal backdrop.
Quick Pickup: "Those Quadruple Fudge Layer Brownies look amazing, don't you think? Can I get you one?"

2. A Martini Bar
Chocotini. Caramel Appletini. Watermelontini. Need I say more? Where there are girlie drinks, there are girlie girls.
Quick Pickup: "My favorite's the Tiramisutini. Have you tried it?"

3. The Mall

But that's so '90s Kevin Smith! I know. But no matter which fashions come and go, shopping will never go out of fashion for girls.
Quick Pickup: "I'm trying to find a Coach bag for my sister. Any advice?"

4. The Park
Look for us jogging, walking our dogs, or pausing for a breather by the duck pond.
Quick Pickup: "Is that a (insert breed of dog)? What a beauty!"

5. The Gym
Yes, Cosmo, we go there too. Look for health-conscious cuties on low-impact machines, in aerobics classes, and at the pool. See an intimidated newbie? Give her the right pointers, and she might thank you with a phone number.
Quick Pickup: "I'm sorry. Are you next in line for the treadmill?"

6. The Salon
This one may seem a little strange if you're a guy, but unisex salons are teeming with women who must have their monthly mani, pedi, coloring, or trim. The open environment of salons encourages clients to chat, and many of them consider a cleansing heart-to-heart an essential part of their beauty routine. If you're a man, women will be impressed that you take care of your body and are secure enough in your sexuality to be seen getting your nails buffed.
Quick Pickup: "Is that the paraffin wax treatment? My mother swears by that. Does it work?"

7. Open Mic Night
If you like artistic types, find out when your local bar, coffeehouse, art center or college campus rounds up the neighborhood poets and songstresses. Be sure to compliment her performance after the show. And don't forget about the women in the audience, who will be thrilled to the roots of their ruby red neopunk hair that you appreciate good music.
Quick Pickup: "You were great tonight! Do you have any recordings? How about a mailing list?"

8. The Pool Hall
If you want a girl who can hang with the guys, this is a good place to start. Plenty of women will give you a run for your money at pool, darts, or table tennis, and everyone knows competing is sexy.
Quick Pickup: "Hey, winner gets a free beer?"

9. The Pet Shop
Nothing melts a girl's heart like the big, sad eyes of a puppy. Some of us go there periodically just to ooh and ahh over the new arrivals. And nothing says sensitive like a guy with a heart for animals.
Quick Pickup: "Awww, how adorable!"

10. The Apple Store (or Staples, Best Buy, CompUSA, etc.)

Men aren't the only ones who need new laptops and HD TVs. And there's a better chance that the women you'll find here alone will be single. Why? Because if she's not single, she'll send her husband to pick it out. (Okay, I probably just offended a few tech-savvy females, but you know our ranks are slim.)
Quick Pickup: "I just bought that model, and I love it! What're you looking for?"

Of course, what top ten lists like these neglect to mention is that where you go scouting for a date is dependent on what kind of date you want to snag. You probably won't find a tech nerd on the volleyball team or the next Emily Dickinson shooting pool. You might. But you probably won't. So familiarize yourself with the kind of guy or girl that a hangout attracts.

Furthermore, do everyone a favor and don't pretend to be someone you're not to score a date. Don't tell him you're addicted to Halo if you never touched an Xbox. Don't tell her cats are your favorite pets if they make your skin crawl. You know the deal--sooner or later, he or she will find out and kick you to the curb. Hang out in places that you like too, and the common ground of your mutual interests will be a natural starting point for conversation when you meet...and on your next date.

Where do you and your single friends hang out? What are your recommendations for the best places to meet single girls or guys?

(Yes, I know you were expecting part deux of the health insurance blog today, and that's on its way in the next few days, I promise.)

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K. said...

"The Pet Shop" brings me back to the long-ago days when my late wife and I were newlyweds. She brought a dog with her, a 15-pound mutt who was -- and I quote because I heard it all the time -- "so cute -- he looks just like Benjy!" Anyway, I was in grad school in Austin, and I often walked the dog as a break from studying. The co-eds swarmed on me! Apparently, there's little more attractive than a straight man with a cute little dog. ("OMG, is that your dog?") Luckily, my wife found it more amusing than anything else -- unlike dogs, I never strayed.

Clever Elsie said...

That's a--dare I say it--adorable story. :) We ladies really are suckers for puppy dog eyes--on a puppy or a guy. ;)

So sorry to hear that you lost your wife! :( That has to be one of the hardest things anyone can go through. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories of her.

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Clever Elsie said...

College Singles: Thanks for your support!

Two Becomes One said...

You made some great suggestions for places to look for other singles. I would like to add a couple more. How about Home Depot or Lowe's. Sometimes ladies could use a little help picking out items. The other place that women could find men is at the deli of the grocery store between 5 and 6 o'clock. I notice that men stop there on their way home from work to pick up something to eat.

Dorothy Moody said...

I'd like to introduce you to my own singles blog: Ms. Single's Neighborhood". It's a bit snarky, but lots of fun!