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Singletude is a positive, supportive singles blog about life choices for the new single majority. It's about dating and relationships, yes, but it's also about the other 90% of your life--family, friends, career, hobbies--and flying solo and sane in this crazy, coupled world. Singletude isn't about denying loneliness. It's about realizing that whether you're single by choice or by circumstance, this single life is your life to live.

Friday, March 21, 2008

International Bring a Friend to Singletude Day

Announcing the very first International Bring a Friend to Singletude Day this Monday, March 24, all day long! That's right, now's your chance to introduce your single acquaintances to the Singletude community! Make them prove their loyalty to you by suffering through my lengthy posts at your side. ;)

Here's how it works: If you know anyone who could benefit from the blogs and/or discussion at Singletude, send them a link on Mon., March 24, asking them to read a post that interests them and comment on it, mentioning who referred them. (You can recommend a post to them if you like.) Anyone who brings at least one friend to Singletude will be acknowledged in a thank-you post with a link to your blog or web site. I will also give a shout out to the friends who showed up, with backlinks to their blogs or web sites. Plus, I will read and leave a comment on your blog/site and your friend's blog/site. What sayest thou to that? :)

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