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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Wants a Kalorik Sunny Morning Stick Mixer and...Where Is Singletude These Days?

Today I was supposed to announce the winner of the latest Singletude giveaway contest for a Kalorik Sunny Morning Stick Mixer, but there's one little problem--no one seems to want the prize! I'm kind of surprised. While it's not a very expensive item (it's worth about $24.99), it's useful, totally free, and easy to re-gift if necessary, and the giveaway required nothing more than a comment to enter. If the poll above is any indication, maybe you guys are just not into blog contests. So, this may be the last one. The mixer was intended to be my Christmas present to readers for your loyalty these past two years, so I will give it to the first person who comments on this post by 12/26/09 at 11:00 PM saying that he or she wants it. If no one is interested...well, then I guess it'll be my Christmas present to myself!

In other news, some of you may be wondering about the fate of "Singles in the News" this week. Actually, so am I! And if you're missing the topical mid-week posts, well, I miss them, too. In the past month, the number of articles about singles issues has literally doubled. Last week, I was receiving up to 40 stories a day to read, select, and summarize! While I'm thrilled that single people are getting so much coverage in the media lately, I'm spending upwards of 15 hours a week just on "Singles in the News." Without some major source of funding stepping out of the woodwork to rescue it, I'm sad to say that that's not something I can continue.

Thanks to the wonders of Google Analytics, I know that "Singles in the News" remains the most popular column on Singletude, and maybe I'm kidding myself, but I think it provides a service of some value, so I would hate to discontinue it. I'm currently mulling over ways to condense it while preserving its purpose and unique character. But I want to blog on other topics, as well, and right now "Singles in the News" is consuming so much time that there is none left for anything else. Perhaps there's someone out there who is equally passionate about singles issues and would be interested in joining forces to work on "Singles in the News"?

In the meantime, there will still be a "Singles in the News" column for last week (12/13/09-12/19/09), but, as you can see, its publication will be delayed. With the Christmas holiday upon us, I don't know if there will be a "Singles in the News" for this week (12/20/09-12/26/09) or not.

Thank you for your patience as I wrestle with how to reconcile what I would like to do with the limits of free time available to me to do it. I appreciate your support and very much hope that I can find a way for "Singles in the News" to continue alongside other blog articles about topics of importance to the single community.

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onely said...

I agree that SIngles in the News is a great concept and provides an important service. But it does seem like a lot of work for one person. Thanks for doing it thus far! If I come up with any good ideas for how to mitigate or divide the workload, I'll let you know.


Clever Elsie said...

Christina: And thank you for all your encouragement! Definitely let me know if anything occurs to you! It was doable at first, but there's just been an explosion of articles about singles. Which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic--just not so much for someone trying to cover them all. :)