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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Singletude Posts Appear at SingleEdition

This just in! SingleEdition, an up-and-coming online lifestyle magazine for singles, will be reprinting a number of Singletude articles, beginning with Crime Safety Tips for Singles from my original post Crime Safety Tips for Singles, Part I.

SingleEdition provides news, feature articles, product reviews, a panel of experts who answer reader questions about everything from fashion to real estate, and interviews with singles like you. Topics are wide-ranging, as is the style and tone since lots of different authors and experts have input. Stop by and ask a question about the practical concerns of single life or get ideas for your Christmas list. And, of course, look for upcoming Singletude posts in the Feature Article section!


Victoria Gothic said...

Hi Elsie, first, I'll explain I don't have much time. Feel free to delete this and not leave it as a comment, I'm just going fast and saving time. Hopefully I'll be posting more often now. I've missed so much and I feel terrible. damn. I've got to go.

Clever Elsie said...

Hi, Victoria! It's good to have you back, even if only briefly! :)

Don't feel bad. A lot of my regular posters have been MIA these days. I think it's just the summer. It's always such a crazy-busy time. Hopefully, it will pick up again.

Victoria Gothic said...

Its not my fault, really I promise! Wow, the more I say the dumber it feels to me. I'm not just MIA because of summer, I'm MIA, well, just read my blog. No need to taint your flourishing blog with my off topic whimpering.

Clever Elsie said...

Not a problem! We can't all live online like some people seem to do. :)

And I'll stop over at your blog and catch up tonight.

Cat said...

Congrats at the expansion of your post. Sorry I've been MIA- Been busy working on my novel writing and applying to jobs to out of state. Sigh, I had to suck it up b/c I haven't gotten any call backs (government hiring is at a stand still right now) and move out and get another apartment (and another year lease!) so may not be moving as quickly as I'd like (but a good job in NY, England or DC and I'm gonna break the lease or sublet). Anywho, sorry for the novel sized reply!

Clever Elsie said...

Hi, Cat! Glad to see you around this corner of the web! :)

Don't worry, I totally understand about the life-consuming nature of job searches, and I'm crossing my fingers that the perfect position falls into your lap very soon! I know you've wanted to move for awhile now.

That's awesome that you're at work on your novel, too! I keep procrastinating with my personal writing projects, so you're giving me a big dose of inspiration. :) I hope you'll keep us updated on your progress with it, and I'll hop over to your blog soon to check out the latest.

bobbyboy said...

wow, fantastic news Elsie, congrats!!

I guess I've been one of the MIA readers lately. Not cause of summer, but woman. Having my troubles with things, but working through it all. Almost sent you an e-mail asking for help.

Blog on Elsie!

Clever Elsie said...

Thanks, Bobby, and I'm sorry to hear that your relation-ship has been sailing through rough seas! :( I do hope you've found calmer waters since you posted this comment a few weeks ago. I will have to stop in at your blog and catch up on the latest! (And, BTW, you are always welcome to send me a question, even anonymously! You're one of my best commenters, and I'd be more than happy to help in any way I could.)

bobbyboy said...

Hi Elsie!

Well, allow me to amend my previous comment if I may. After some serious and deep self searching, it wasn't/isn't woman troubles, it's Bobby troubles. Shyness, lack of aggression and low self confidence are some things that I need to work on.

Thank you so much though for allowing me to send an e-mail to you if need be, it's really appreciated! :)

Clever Elsie said...

Since it sounds like you've diagnosed the problem, I wish you much success in resolving it!

I don't want to presume too much without knowing the details of the situation, but I also hope you find (or have found) someone who can appreciate you for who you are without having to change too much of your innate Bobby-ness. ;) I do believe we can always better ourselves, but some changes don't make us better, just less of who we really are. I trust you probably know the difference, though.

Good luck! I hope you'll keep us posted.