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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Semi-Sad Announcement for Singletude Readers

Don't despair! Notice I said "semi-sad." :)

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting as regularly as I previously did. I'm a freelancer, and when I launched Singletude several months ago, I cut back on some of my regular assignments so that I could see it off to a good start. Now, though, I find that I need to return to a more regular work schedule, and that means that I may or may not be able to post here every day.

I'm certainly not abandoning this blog, and I have lots more ideas for future posts. (Your ideas are, of course, welcome too!) At some point in the future, I would love to be able to return to providing in-depth, quality posts every day. But right now, we may have to settle for two or three such posts a week. If you don't want to check in every day, my best suggestion is to subscribe to the RSS feed, which will notify you whenever there's a post.

In addition, I'm still quite active on BlogCatalog, so anyone who would like to start up a discussion at the Singletude group there is welcome, too.

Thank you to everyone who continues to read and be a part of the discussion here, and I look forward to many more future posts!


Anonymous said...

girl. i feel ya. that is the reason why i'm not as active anymore on mine and why it's really hard to catch up reading everyone's blogs.

bobbyboy said...

As long as singletude will still be here, everything is fine. We all get busy or busier from time to time, sometimes it's a pain and sometimes it's fantastic; we do what we must. Either way, thanks for the update Elsie and as always, thanks for such a great blog!


Wizardry said...

Victoria is so unhappy that she (its kind of like maintaing verb tense, sexual tense) will now speak in third person exclusively. She had to visit Emory, and is now quite tired from the venture and isn't looking foward to visting other places because Emory seems to be her favorite school right now. In fact, she has said nothing would be below her in order to get into that school. Vicoria needs her sleepy time...

Clever Elsie said...

Jenice: Sometimes we have no other choice than to cut ourselves some slack, admit that we're busy, and reduce our blogging to a more manageable frequency. I hope you won't ever stop posting altogether, though! Your blog always raises such interesting questions. :)

I've been remiss about visiting everyone else's blog, too. My apologies for that, and I'll be stopping by real soon.

Bobby: Don't worry, Singletude isn't going anywhere. And you're very welcome! :)

Victoria: That's awesome that you clicked so well with Emory! Was this your first campus visit? If so, don't be afraid to keep your options open in case you find one that's an even better fit. (It's been known to happen.) Happy college hunting!